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and the talent behind Where the Leaves Fall Purple

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Ben Miller

Corey Hendricks

A fourth year journalism student and the host of Miller's Murder and Mystery Hour. He asks his best friend (and not-so-secret crush) Janie to go missing to boost his podcast streams. Little does he know he's going to have more of a story than he bargained for, 


Ezra Hansen

Aaron Johnson

Ben's roommate and collaborator on the new chapter of the podcast. He's witty and grounds Ben. Amidst all the chaos, Ezra's still fighting his own battles reconciling his past and dealing with his recent breakup... but it's getting harder to keep it all separate.


Veronica Barrow

Ashleigh Burns

Janie's other best friend. She's sarcastic, no-nonsense and a force to be reckoned with. She's not a fan of Ben

 but will do just about anything for Janie.  But where does that line get drawn?

Janie Melnyk

Kimberly Billinton

An aspiring actress who has been best friends with Ben since her first year of university. She's dating volleyball player Daniel Loggins. Janie's sweet, sensitive, and loyal to her friends. Is her kindness what made her the target of whatever happened at the Thistlewood cabin?


Janie Melnyk

Kimberly Billinton

An aspiring actress who has been best friends with Ben since her first year of university. She's dating volleyball player Daniel Loggins. She's sweet, sensitive, and loyal to her friends.

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Wyatt Perth

Godfrey Cooke

Ezra's ex boyfriend who has moved on and started dating Skylar. He's Daniel's best friend and captain of the Volleyball team.  He wants nothing more to get back in with his old friend group but the awkwardness between him and Ezra makes it difficult. Everyone thinks of Wyatt as the "good guy": calm, approachable, and dependable but is this theatre major just a really good actor?


Skylar Hayes

Zoe Marie Welch

Wyatt's peppy new girlfriend. She's eager to help and seems to pop up when the group least expects. But does her kindness come with strings attached?


Daniel Loggins

Benjamin Stevens

Janie's boyfriend and a star member of the Dodgewood volleyball team. Daniel is smooth, popular, and charming... at least on the surface. Does the golden boy have something darker lurking underneath his perfect exterior? 


Detective Xavier Wright and Officer Angela Garcia

Matt Brown and
Jamela Joie De Jesus

Two Dodgewood police officers put in the middle of this case and forced to play catch-up.

Detective Wright is a staple in the Dodgewood PD but this is the biggest case of his career. Can he prove he's more than a small town cop?

Officer Garcia is an up-and-coming officer with a go-getter attitude. She feels she has to prove herself to her boss. But will he actually listen to her?


Marty and Andrea 

Vincent Ross and Tanya Keller

The hosts of everyone's favourite late night radio true crime show True for You. While typically used to help truckers stay awake and keep insomniacs busy during the wee hours of the night, something exciting has finally happened on air. They have a mystery caller to tell them the truth about the case of Janie Melynk. Could this be their ticket to a better on air time slot?

Also Featuring...

Sharon Estephan as Professor Denise Smith

Alvin Tam as Coach Lim

Jordan Powers as Corey "Briggs" Brighton

Dona Brayshaw as Janie's Neighbour 

Kacy Classen as Frieda 

Peter Church as Professor Lecky 

Kelly Veltri as Inspector Hayes

Erin Hazlehurst as Diana Loggins

Emily Hardy as Mrs. Hansen

Tommy Steele as Mr. Hansen

Mitchell A Browne as Jasper Princeton

DeAnna MacArthur as Gina Melendez

Sydney Morton as Sunny Mornings 

Kyle Billinton as Additional Voices*

Gayle Billinton as Additional Voices

Chris Billinton as Additional Voices

Tyler Gillis as Additional Voices

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