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Where the Leaves Fall Purple is an independent audio drama which wouldn't be able to happen if it weren't for the support of viewers like you. By visiting our website, streaming our content for free, following us on social media and sharing with your friends, you're helping Where the Leaves Fall Purple and its cast and crew tell our story. 

If you are willing and able to support us monetarily, consider joining our Patreon for bonus content. If you have a business or something to advertise, consider sponsoring an episode. We'd love to put an ad for you in the middle or at the end of one of our episodes with a seamless Dodgewood feel to it. 

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Support us on Patreon

If you have a little bit of spare change to give, consider supporting the show via Patreon. In return, you'll get perks not seen on any other platform such as exclusive behind the scene contents and bloopers, updates from creators and a special chat with other fans and the cast! 

Sponsorship Opportunities

In supporting Where the Leaves Fall Purple, you're supporting independent production in your community. You're supporting creatives, actors, and crew in telling a unique, immersive story.


Where the Leaves Fall Purple is a mystery/thriller that masterfully parodies production of a true crime podcasts . Those interested in true crime podcasts will certainly find something familiar yet unexplored and exciting in our show whether or not they have listened to an audio drama before.

We are looking to partner with brands to create unique ads woven into the show that will hold the viewers intention while informing them on your brand/business' offerings. Check out our sponsorship guide for more information. 


Want to discuss ways to get involved?

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