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Episode Summaries

Need a refresher on what happened in an episode of Where the Leaves Fall Purple? We've got you covered with these in-depth summaries! Nothing beats re-listening but maybe these will jog your memory.



Episode 1
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Episode 1

The Story of Janie Melnyk

Written and directed by Kimberly Billinton

On the True for You radio show, hosts Andrea and Marty receive a call from someone with a disguised voice saying they know the secrets of the Janie Melnyk case. The hosts refer to the case as that of the "podcast girl" who went missing and her friend Ben documented the disappearance on his podcast but he never finished it. The caller reveals that they know the truth because they were there. 

We flash back into Dodgewood where Ben Miller, a university student is recording a gruesome true crime podcast at a local diner. He is stopped by Janie, a waitress there and Ben's best friend. The pair chat about how Ben feels defeated over no one listening to his podcast. Janie encourages him to keep going and that he'll find his story. 

Ben walks Janie home at night after work. They argue about Janie's boyfriend Daniel Loggins who thinks she's become paranoid. Daniel scares them with his truck. He takes Janie home with him leaving Ben to walk feeling bitter. 

Ben arrives home to find his roommate Ezra Hansen setting up for a party, which Ezra has decided to make an elaborate plan to embarrass his ex boyfriend, Wyatt Perth, who doesn't like parties. Ben and Ezra get talking about Ben's show leading Ezra to tell Ben he needs an exclusive story to get people to listen. 

Janie and Daniel argue in the car about Daniel's distaste for Ben until Janie's friend Veronica Barrow joins then and sides with Daniel. The trio get to the party. Daniel takes Janie's coat to Ben's room in a plan to snoop. Janie storms after him. Veronica insults Ezra by telling him he needs to get over the breakup with Wyatt. Janie fights with Daniel about Ben. She storms out. 

Ben, annoyed by the party, bumps into Ezra who is distracted when Wyatt enters with his girlfriend, Skylar. The roommates head to the roof to drink and mope. Janie finds them and joins. They complain about their respective problems, Ben's podcast anonymity,  Ezra's failed relationship, and Janie's desire to be seen by others. Ezra poses the question if either of his friends have ever thought of running away but when questioned he said he wouldn't because everyone would talk. This gets Ben's mind racing. The next day he rushes into the diner and dramatically asks Janie if she will "go missing" for his podcast. 

Episode 2


Written and directed by Kimberly Billinton

The caller is back on True for You to continue the story: 

Janie calls Veronica to tell her what Ben asked her to do. Veronica is immediately apprehensive. Ben, Ezra, Janie and Veronica gather at the apartment where Ben tells everyone his plan for Janie to go missing. After some back and forth, Janie agrees to hide up at Ezra's family's cabin and Veronica decides to go along to look after Janie. That evening while Janie is packing, Daniel comes over and shakes up the plan when he demands to go with her, cutting Veronica out of the plan. 

The next day Ben and Ezra start the podcast. Veronica barges in to inform them Janie and Daniel left. They pivot their plan. In drama class, Ezra tells everyone Janie and Daniel are missing and Veronica goes along with it.  Ezra tells Ben that word has already been spreading since he planted the seed and they need to release a teaser to get people excited. Veronica learns just how far the plan has spread when Skylar asks how she can spread the word. Shortly after #findJanieandDaniel trends on campus. 

Ben, Ezra, and Veronica put up missing persons posters, which are also a promotional tool for the podcast, around campus. Veronica has a bad feeling, having not heard from Janie since she arrived at the cabin. Ben calls Janie when he gets back to the cabin. She answers but it's clear something goes wrong as the signal drops. Ezra tells the group things are fine and if they want they can go up to the cabin tomorrow. 

The next day after drama class, Veronica and Ben drive up to the cabin and Ezra heads back to the apartment to put the finishing touches on the episode. Ezra finds that the apartment has been broken into. He calls the police. 

Ben and Veronica arrive at the cabin. It's open. They enter and find Janie's phone smashed on the ground. Veronica and Ben notice blood writing on the wall that says Where the Leaves Fall Purple.

The caller is about to continue the story and is interrupted as True for You runs out of time.  


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Episode 2
Copy of Episode 2 Out Now.jpg

Episode 3

Nothing Happens in Dodgewood

Written and directed by Kimberly Billinton

The caller continues on with the story:

At the apartment, Ezra is questioned by Detective Xavier Wright of the Dodgewood police department about the break in. Meanwhile, Ben and Veronica rush away from the cabin, shocked by what they saw at the end of episode 2 and asking what Where the Leaves Fall Purple could possibly mean. They drive down together out of service as Ezra tries to reach them by phone. Feeling alone and scared he calls Wyatt. Wyatt asks Ezra what's wrong but Ezra declines to open up any further when Wyatt tells Ezra he is currently on his way to Skylar's.  Elsewhere on campus, Detective Wright and his colleague Officer Garcia find the trio's poster on campus. They question how there could be a missing persons case without anyone reporting it. 

Ben and Veronica finally get back in service and get a call from Ezra. Ben and Veronica tell him about the cabin and Ezra tells them about the break-in. The trio discovers the first episode of the podcast has been posted. 

Back at the apartment, Veronica locks herself in the bathroom. Ben and Ezra chat through the logistics of the break in and cabin. They discover that Where the Leaves Fall Purple was written in the show notes of the episode and someone changed the background of Ezra's laptop to have a picture of a purple leaf. Ben goes to check if anything happened in his room and discovered, when confronted by Veronica, there is a picture of him and Janie that Ben from their first day on campus and was previously in Janie's bedroom. The trio decide to go to Janie's to check if it is the same one. 

At Janie's apartment the group discovers the picture is gone and Ezra has a breakdown realizing how real this case has become. The group go back to Ben and Ezra's apartment feel anxious as they go over what they know.  Ben shows the group Janie's phone that he took from the cabin. Another phone rings. Ezra finds that it's Daniel's phone. 

The police start to listen to the podcast and take notes on the case. 

Episode 3

Episode 4

It's Always the Boyfriend

Written and directed by Kimberly Billinton

Trigger Warnings: Mentions of domestic abuse/sexual assault and death

Copy of Copy of Episode 2 Out Now.jpg

The caller continues the story: 

Ben has a nightmare about Daniel and swears his revenge on the missing man when Daniel's phone alarm wakes him up in the morning. A little later, Veronica goes to Janie's apartment and finds a box at Janie's doorstep. 

At Ben and Ezra's apartment, the boys talk about how well the podcast is doing and Ben gripes about Daniel. He also tries to get into Daniel's phone that they found at the end of episode 3. Veronica comes pounding on the door with the box to reveal it is full of naked photos of Janie. She decides to go on a mission to figure out who might have sent them. Meanwhile, the Dodgewood PD keep receiving calls about the missing peoples' case but still no one has reported them missing. 

Ben and Ezra have their first guest on Miller's Murder & Mystery Hour. It's Daniel's ex-girlfriend Frieda. She's skittish and reluctant to tell her story. She reveals her relationship with Daniel was a nightmare as he was controlling, manipulative and abusive towards her. Ben keeps pressing her for more information to make Daniel look bad on his show, not understanding the feelings of Frieda after she admits that Daniel had taken photos of her like the ones found at Janie's apartment and that Daniel hit her. Frieda leaves the apartment. Ezra rushes after her. Outside, Ezra tells Frieda that he believes her and thinks her story is important, especially since he's also experienced intimate partner violence when he was younger. He convinces Frieda to come back in and finish the interview, this time with him at the reigns instead of Ben. Frieda makes a passionate plea that Ben and Ezra find Janie because she's scared of what Daniel may have done. 

Veronica investigates the photos leading her to the campus photo lab. She finds Skylar inside. Skylar asks her how she's doing and mentions the broken lock on the door. When Veronica leaves the photo lab she gets a call asking her to do something.  Meanwhile, Detective Wright and Officer Garcia go to Janie's apartment. They speak with Janie's neighbor who tells them she heard rushing around in the hallway the other night. The police leave with Detective Wright deciding he needs to take to Ben and Ezra on campus. 

Ben and Ezra argue as they upload the new episode with Frieda's interview. Ezra thinks Ben went too far. Ben thinks what he did was justified if Daniel is playing with them. Ezra leaves in a huff. Ben follows him but he's too late. Ezra goes to the gym after the campus' team's volleyball practice to try and find Wyatt, who he believes is the one person who will understand him. Before he can approach Wyatt, Skylar enters and starts conversing with Wyatt. She mentions Wyatt ignoring her the night before, when Wyatt had told Ezra he was heading to Skylar's. Something isn't adding up. As Ezra realizes this, Detective Wright approaches Ezra and tells him he needs him to come down to the station to chat about the podcast. 

Ben enters a park by his apartment, where Frieda mentioned Daniel had hit her in, thinking Daniel could be there again.  It's dark and Ben talks to his recorder so he can document it for his listeners. He begins to get scared and frustrated, more at himself than anyone else for setting the podcast in motion, leading him to tell himself "it's all my fault." Suddenly there is a camera flash in the dark. Someone is watching Ben. He rushes towards the direction of the flash and makes the gruesome discovery of Daniel's dead body. Ben gets ahold of Veronica to tell her what he found. In his state of shock and in true Ben determination he takes Daniel's phone and uses Daniel's face to unlock it. 

The True for You hosts are disgusted by this turn of events as they sign off of their broadcast. 

Episode 4
Episode 5
Copy of Episode 5 out now.jpg

Episode 5

What About Wyatt

Written and directed by Kimberly Billinton

The Caller continues the story:


Continuing on  from the events of episode 4, Ben stays on the phone with Veronica as he is still in shock over the discovery of Daniel's body. Veronica tells him to walk to the other end of the park where she will pick him up. She's going to help him. 

Meanwhile, Ezra sits across from Detective Wright in a questioning room at the Dodgewood police station. He anxiously tells Wright that the disappearance stated as a hoax. Later, Detective Wright tells Officer Garcia he's trying to teach Ezra a lesson by leaving him alone in the questioning room. Garcia shows Wright a photo of a young man wearing Daniel's jacket at Janie's apartment after Daniel was allegedly missing. Wright takes this as a sign Daniel is now messing with Ben and Ezra and dismisses all Ezra's fears that Daniel could have hurt Janie. He lets Ezra go. 

Wyatt and Skylar have ice cream at a local ice cream parlor. Wyatt gets a call from Ezra that Ezra needs help.  Wyatt picks up Ezra from the police station. The two talk and things are comfortable between them until Skylar is brought up. Ezra tries to find signs that Wyatt is cheating on Skylar. What he does find is Daniel's jacket in Wyatt's back seat with a red stain on the collar. Frightened on what this may mean, Ezra rushes out of the car. 

Back at the apartment, Ben and Veronica talk about how Ben won't get caught with the rain washing away any evidence. Ezra storms in and announces he's going to bed. Veronica enters Ezra's room where he's sulking and tells him Daniel is dead. Veronica leaves shortly after telling Ben that they're both still likely in shock, but not before Ben informs her that on Daniel's call logs, the last person he spoke to was Wyatt. Late into the night Veronica goes to an old phone booth that disguises her voice (like the caller) and reports Daniel's body.  

Later that night Ben finds Ezra crying in the living room. The two have a heart to heart and Ezra reveals what he found in Wyatt's car and that he's scared Wyatt could have killed Daniel but he's torn due to his feelings for Wyatt. The two agree sorrowfully that they need to know but there isn't anything they can do tonight. 

Ben wakes up to the sound of sirens outside. He calls Veronica to find that the police are in the park.  Detective Wright walks through the scene conversing with Garcia who is on a walkie-talkie. Garcia relays that a body was found and someone called it in last night but there were no cameras around to catch who did it. Ben joins Veronica outside of the scene. The pair don't stay for long as Veronica has to help with the winter revue. Ben goes with her because Wyatt will be there. Back at the apartment, Ezra gets a call from Cory Brighton, one of Daniel and Wyatt's teammates who says he has some information for Ben's podcast. Ezra agrees to meet him. 

At the drama studio, Wyatt shows Ben where the spray paints are in a storage room. Ben takes this as his chance to corner Wyatt and get information out of him. Wyatt acts nervous and quickly dismisses himself. Ben and Veronica follow Wyatt through campus later, losing him but finding Skylar crying on the phone to someone, who they assume is Wyatt.

Ezra meets with Cory who tells him that at the party at Ben and Ezra's apartment (episode 1), Wyatt and Daniel got into a fight because Daniel was showing Janie's nude photos to other people. Wyatt made Daniel leave but Daniel was too drunk to drive and Skylar stepped in and drove Daniel and his truck home. 

At the apartment, Ben is all in on the Wyatt theory but Veronica isn't. Ezra comes home and tells them about his meeting with Cory. Ezra decides that he needs to know what happened. After he leaves, Ben and Veronica decided to look for the photos that Janie was sent on Daniel's phone. 

Ezra confronts Wyatt in the gym. Ezra lays out his fears that Wyatt might of hurt Daniel, which Wyatt finds offensive given Ezra and Wyatt's previous relationship. Wyatt reveals that while he fought with Daniel, he didn't hurt him. Daniel threatened to out Wyatt as bisexual to Wyatt's parents after Wyatt found out Daniel was cheating on Janie. He had since found out that the person Daniel was cheating with was Skylar. It wasn't blood on the jacket like Ezra thought but Skylar's lipstick. Ezra offers to be a friendly ear for Wyatt to talk about things and he takes him up on that offer. 

Back at the apartment, Ben and Veronica find the naked photos on Daniel's phone and are surprised to find the other girls on there, including Skylar. Ezra returns with Wyatt and Ben brings up the photos. Wyatt quickly dismisses himself. Ezra hands Ben an envelope addressed to him from the mail. Ben opens it to discover it is a polaroid of him in the forest standing by Daniel's body. On the back is the message "Find me where the leaves fall purple." 

Episode 6

The Second Choice

Written and directed by Kimberly Billinton

The caller is back on True for You to continue the story: 

In the early hours of the morning, Ben pieces together a murder board in his room. Ezra has woken up, looking to see where Wyatt went after he stayed late into the night. Ezra asks about a photo of Janie that's part of the board. Ben mentions he found it on Daniel's phone. Ben then tires to explain his thought process but Ezra says he won't hear any of it until later into the morning when he's more awake. Later at Veronica's, while taking a shower, Veronica is scared by an intruder. It turns out just to be Wyatt who tells her he needs help. Back at the apartment, Ben questions Ezra playfully about Wyatt staying over. Ezra is dismissive and bitter as Wyatt left sometime after Ezra tried to kiss him and was rejected. Wyatt left Ezra a note saying "thanks for last night." Ezra is also annoyed by Skylar's social media where she has put up a story of a handwritten note saying that the students can't give up hope. Now knowing that Skylar was sleeping with Daniel (revealed in episode 5), the two feel differently about Skylar's alleged "help". Back at Veronica's, Wyatt is dealing with his own feelings about the Skylar situation. He is also scared Ben still thinks of him as a suspect. Veronica takes Wyatt's phone and tells him she'll sort it out. 

At the Dodgewood Morgue, Doctor Fields, the local coroner, tells Detective Wright about her findings regarding Daniel's body. The two biggest revelations are that Daniel died from blunt force trauma to the head from repeated, intentional blows; and that Daniel did not die where he was found. Officer Garcia rushes in to tell Wright she has a search warrant for Ezra's family's (the Hansens') cabin but there's one complication: they have to share jurisdiction with Avalone (the next town over). 

Ben does his own sleuthing using the note Wyatt left Ezra and the note he received on the back of the photo at the end of episode 5. The writing doesn't match up. Ben then looks to Skylar's note on social media and theorizes the two may be the same. He calls Veronica and the two agree to meet at Brynn's Bistro, where Janie used to work. Ben brings his theory to Veronica but Veronica quickly dismisses it. She gives Ben Wyatt's phone to show that Wyatt couldn't have killed Daniel because of Skylar since Wyatt admits he still had feelings for Ezra before the party and Daniel was the one who talked him out of leaving Skylar. As they chat, they are interrupted by the waitress who they are shocked to find is no other than Skylar herself. Skylar claims she got the job to help find Janie. Ben and Veronica are uneasy about the whole interaction. 

Meanwhile, Ezra marks assignments for Skylar's photography class as part of his TA duties.  He notices she has a photo of Daniel among her coursework taken at Daniel's place. Professor Lecky, the photography instructor, enters the room and lets Ezra know that since the door was broken in the lab (episode 4), the students will need new key cards. These key cards will also get the students into their print accounts. Ezra offers to help distribute them with the ulterior motive of seeing what else Skylar has printed. 

Detective Wright and Officer Garcia reach the Hansen Family Cabin. They are greeted by Wright's old partner turned rival, Inspector Julian Hayes. Hayes ribs at Wright and dismisses Garcia's presence. Hayes knows Ezra's family as he has a cabin just down the road. In addition, Skylar is his niece. He also reveals him and they guys in his department have heard (and are fans of) Ben's podcast.

Back in Dodgewood, Ben and Veronica leave Brynn's with Veronica on edge after having to interact with Skylar. Ben gets distracted by a new missing persons poster him and Ezra didn't create due to the photo of Janie on it. Veronica and Ben share a moment of friendship when Veronica tells Ben to be safe on his walk home. Veronica's warm mood doesn't last however, when she discovers that Wyatt has snooped through her room and found the box of Janie's photos. The pair argue and Veronica has an epiphany on who sent it. At the same time, Ezra logs into Skylar's print account and finds all the photos of Janie on there confirming she is the anonymous sender. 

Back up at the cabin, the police enter and do a sweep of the premises. Inside they find the blood writing that says Where the LEaves Fall Purple. Peculiarly, the blood is still wet after all this time. Wright and Garcia also find blood in the bathroom that is dried and glass in the trashcan. 

In Dodgewood, Skylar tries to get ahold of Wyatt, anxious over the fact that there was the body found but it hasn't been confirmed it was Daniel's. Wyatt doesn't answer. She finds Ben sitting on her can. Ben asks her about the poster and she admits to being the one who made it but says she got the photo of Janie off social media (which Ben knows is a lie). Ben asks if she would like to be a guest on the podcast tomorrow. Ben hurries home to tell Ezra and Veronica that he now suspects Skylar because, for her to have the photo, she had to have Daniel's phone at some point. Ezra and Veronica inform him that they have both already figured that out. Ben tells them about his plan for Skylar on the podcast tomorrow.  

At Thistlewood Forest, outside the cabin, Wright and Hayes talk about how Hayes will continue the investigation at the cabin in the coming days. Hayes jokes that this case must be out of Wright's depth due to inexperience with murders in Dodgewood, which Wright doesn't take kindly to. Garcia comes back with blood samples for them to bring to the lab. Wright and Garcia leave. 

Ben interviews Skylar on Miller's Murder & Mystery Hour. It starts innocent but ends with Skylar revealing she was sleeping with Daniel and in love with him. She had wanted him to leave Janie and sent the photos trying to scare Janie away from him before it became clear Janie was really missing. She is shocked to find out Ben has seen the photos of her as well and has access to Daniel's phone. When Ben insinuates that Skylar did something she lashes out saying that if she had "it would be [Janie] and not Daniel in that forest." Ben has had enough and throws her out despite her pleas that Ben should understand her due to his feelings about Janie. Skylar flees in tears. Ezra and Veronica come out of hiding in an adjacent room and Ezra decides to go after Skylar before he leaves. Ezra stops Skylar outside and gives her an ultimatum: tell Wyatt or he releases everything she said on the podcast. Skylar agrees to talk to Wyatt and leaves. Ezra gets a call from a mysterious caller. Skylar meets with Wyatt and tells him what she told Ezra she would. She breaks up with Wyatt saying she wanted to love him but Daniel was who she truly wanted.  

Later that night, Ben takes down the no longer relevant pieces of his murder board. Veronica tells him to turn on the news. Detective Wright is holding a press conference where it is announced that the body in the forest was Daniel's. Ben calls out to Ezra but Veronica and him realize Ezra never came back after he talked to Skylar. Meanwhile, after the press conference, Wright and Garcia talk about some missing pieces in the case: Daniel's truck and the cell phones. No one has tracked the phones yet and if Daniel's truck was missing, someone had to drive it away. 

In the late hours of the night, Ezra drives Daniel's truck down a deserted road in Avalone. He gets out, douses the car in gasoline and lights it on fire. He calls someone to pick him up. 

The True for You hosts are stunned by this revelation as the caller cautions to "keep our friends close, and sometimes our enemies are closer than we think."

Copy of Copy of Episode 5 out now (1).jpg
Episode 6
Episode 7 Out Now.jpg

Episode 7

Fame and Infamy

Written and directed by Kimberly Billinton

The Caller continues the story:

Wyatt gets a call from Coach Lim, the volleyball coach, requesting he make a speech at Daniel's vigil. Despite his hesitations, he agrees. Veronica, who is at Wyatt's apartment, questions him about his feelings about the vigil, his breakup with Skylar, and Ezra. All of which he is dismissive of. He's saved from the questioning as there is a knock at the door. It's Ben, who is looking for Ezra. 

At the Dodgewood morgue, Detective Wright, Officer Garcia, and Dr. Fields show Daniel's body to his mother, Diana Loggins. Diana, distraught, needs to leave. Dr. Fields tells Wright that the blood in the bathroom of the cabin (found in episode 6) most likely belonged to Janie but the blood on the wall wasn't real blood. 

Back at Wyatt's apartment, Ben presses on Ezra's absence until Wyatt agrees to try and call him. Alone, Ben tells Veronica about the success of the podcast since the police press conference. He needs Ezra to get the next episode out while they have a buzz. When Wyatt returns he says his call went to voicemail and he asks Veronica and Ben to leave so he can work on his speech. Ben and Veronica go for a walk on campus. Veronica reminds Ben it isn't enough to have the most "famous" podcast if he hasn't found Janie. Veronica's statement is undermined when two fans of Ben's podcast rush over to them and ask for a photo with Ben. After their encounter, Ben and Veronica spot Ezra speaking to someone official looking on campus.

Detective Wright calls Inspector Hayes, who is up at the Hansen cabin to tells him that the Where the Leaves Fall Purple wall blood wasn't real blood. Inspector Hayes has already figured this out. He mentions that the decomposition dogs up at the cabin keep signaling out  by the shed but they have yet to find anything. After the call Wright talks with Garcia and expresses his frustrations over Ben Miller knowing more than they do with his podcast. 

At the apartment, Ben listens to voicemails. He has one from Melinda, a reporter from the campus newspaper and one from Detective Wright asking him to come in to answer some questions. Ben decides to ignore Wright's message for a few days. Ben decides to get into Ezra's laptop and find the next episode to upload himself. When he logs into Ezra's laptop he realizes he can see Ezra's text messages and is shocked by what he's seen. Meanwhile, Wyatt is working on his speech for the vigil. He decides to turn to the internet for help and finds people talking about Ben's podcast both good and very bad. 

Ben rushes to the drama studio to talk to Veronica. He shows Veronica pictures of Ezra's texts, which make it look like he may have had something to do with Janie's disappearance as they mention the missing camera and Janie and Daniel's cell phones, which Ben hasn't been able to find since he last saw Ezra. Wyatt calls Veronica and tells her that Ben needs to be careful what he says as his plight against Daniel has earned him some enemies online.  Ben informs Veronica he has set up an interview with Melinda. Veronica decides to go with him. 

Ben and Veronica meet with Melinda. Melinda is kind to Ben but Veronica and Melinda are cold towards each other. Ben's interview starts well but soon goes south as Melinda interrogates Ben on his reporting on Daniel and whether or not he knows where Janie is. Ben and Veronica leave before the interview is over with Melinda feeling like she has the upper hand. Ben goes home fuming from the treatment to find Ezra working on the episode. Ezra is cagey when Ben questions him about what he has been doing all day. Ben catches Ezra in a lie when he says he hasn't seen Daniel's phone. Ben doesn't press and instead goes to bed. That night, Ben has a nightmare about Janie where she warns him to look out behind him. 

Veronica and Ezra meet for coffee in the morning. Ezra admits to Veronica he met with his family' s lawyer the other day. He tells Veronica he's protecting Ben by getting rid of the phones. Both agree that Ben has become their best friend. Meanwhile, at the police station, Diana storms in on Wright and Garcia demanding to know who Ben Miller is after hearing the podcast.  Wright calms her down enough to tell her it's time they talk. 

Ben decides to do more sleuthing in Ezra's room. Unfortunately for Ben, Ezra catches him in the act. The two fight as Ezra tries to convince Ben that he is trying to help him. Ben jabs back at Ezra by throwing back his "it's fine" attitude at him and referencing Janie's warning in his dream before leaving. 

At the vigil, Wyatt nervously meets with Diana, who thanks him for being a good friend to Daniel, much to Wyatt's discomfort. Ben heads through the audience and finds Veronica who cautions him against being there but Ben does not heed her warning. They listen to Wyatt's speech as he talks about Daniel, being kind, and forgiving each other. When Wyatt leaves the stage he meets Ezra. Ezra tells Wyatt he messed up and Wyatt calms down Ezra. Ezra tells Wyatt he loves him. Wyatt doesn't say it back. 

Diana Loggins takes the stage at the vigil. Her speech is pointed and Ben realizes she's talking about him. He leaves the vigil before it's finished with Veronica hurrying after him. Back at the apartment, Ben is frustrated from the events of the past two days. Veronica gets real with him telling him he has to be the one who solves Where the Leaves Fall Purple because someone left the notes for him. She tells him he needs to go back to the beginning. Ben has an epiphany. He kicks Veronica out of the apartment as he says he needs to go back to the day he met Janie. 

Episode 7

Episode 8

When Ben Met Janie

Written by Kimberly Billinton
Directed by Matt Brown and Kimberly Billinton

Copy of Copy of Episode 5 out now.jpg

The caller on True for You teases that this episode was recorded by Ben but never released on Miller's Murder & Mystery Hour for reasons that caller does not say. The story follows: 

Ben records the podcast, starting with a monologue about the vigil and how he may have not gone about everything right and lost his way but now it's time to find the truth. He reminisces about the past:


Ben meets Janie at first year orientation. They are in the same group and become fast friends. At the welcome carnival, Ben finds out Janie lost her parents a few years back. He accidentally makes her cry when he asks about it and vows not to make her cry again. To cheer her up, he agrees to get his face painted and they take a photo; this is the same photo that would end up in Ben's room (episode 3). 

Janie pounds on Ben's door, getting him out of bed to tell him she's landed a role in a student film that is being directed by a classmate, Ezra Hansen. To celebrate, the pair get ice cream. Janie and Ben meet Wyatt. Janie is instantly taken by Wyatt, finding out the two share a theatre class. Later, on campus, Wyatt asks Janie if she will be his partner for an assignment. This leads Janie to ask Wyatt to come to trivia, much to Ben's annoyance. The pair grow closer, with Ben just on the outskirts. Janie gets Wyatt the role of her co-star in Ezra's play when it is almost cancelled due to not having a male lead. Ben admits his own jealousy. 

Ben, Janie, and Wyatt go to the set of Ezra's student film. They meet Veronica who is setting up. Ben gets volunteered to help her. The trio also meet Ezra for the first time. This is the start of their friend group. The five of them hang out as a pseudo-wrap party later in the semester. Janie gives Ezra her dad's old camera, the same camera which would eventually go missing from Ezra's room. Ben offers to take a photo that everyone except him is in. 

The start of next year, Ben returns to school to find Janie and Wyatt have grown closer leaving him with less time with Janie. He confides in Ezra who says him and Wyatt grew close over the summer as well but Wyatt has been distant since he asked Ezra questions about Ezra being gay. One night, Janie knocks on Ben's door with all the supplies for a movie night. She tells Ben she needs a distraction because she found out Wyatt, who she had been crushing on, is bisexual and has feelings for Ezra. When Ben, Janie, Ezra, and Veronica are studying days later, Wyatt texts Ezra that he wants to hang out. Ben, now knowing what this is about, encourages Ezra to go. When Janie leaves to walk Veronica out, Ezra tells Ben to make a move on Janie. Ben never does. 

Ben meets Janie for coffee but finds Wyatt is sitting there with her, dejected. He finds out that Wyatt asked Ezra out and Ezra told him he would have to think about it. Janie volunteers Ben to talk to Ezra. Ben and Ezra go to the movie theatres and Ezra mistakenly thinks Ben asked him on a date. Ben clears up that was not his intention and Ezra tells Ben about Wyatt asking him out. Ben encourages Ezra to date Wyatt. 

Months later, the group goes to Wyatt's volleyball game. Ben doesn't understand why people enjoy watching the sport and Janie says that it's important for friends to support friends. At the end of the game, Wyatt introduces the group to Daniel. Janie and Daniel immediately hit it off. Daniel invites them to his party. At the party, Janie goes off with Daniel leaving Ben alone (with Ezra and Wyatt) most of the night. From that moment Daniel starts getting integrated more into the group, coming to events like trivia, where he makes it clear he doesn't respect Ben. 

Ben complains about Daniel to Ezra. Ezra says that before Janie and Daniel get too far, Ben should confess his feelings to Janie. Ben writes Janie a letter he plans to give her. He never does as she comes over to tell him Daniel asked her to be his girlfriend. Ben swallows his feelings for the sake of Janie's happiness. He tries to play nice with Daniel, going for lunch at Brynn's Bistro with Daniel and Janie but, the moment Janie steps away for an impromptu job interview, Daniel tells Ben to back off. 


The following year, Ben and Ezra move into an apartment together. Janie tells Ben her and Daniel got into a fight over an outfit she was wearing. A few months later, Ben gets a call from Janie in the middle of the night that her and Daniel had a fight. Ben rushes over to get her as she's crying in the rain. He comforts her she is never a bother. 

Ezra gets ready his art exhibit for the spring showcase Veronica is organizing while Ben and Janie are in the room, helping. Janie suggest Ben submits his podcast. He declines. Ezra asks Janie why she declined the hosting gig for the event in favour of Wyatt doing it. Janie said Daniel convinced her she wouldn't be good at it. 

Over the next few months, Janie throws herself into focusing on Ben making his podcast a reality. She assures him it's ready as Ben hums and has about posting the first episode. Ben notices Janie is nursing her arm as she works at Brynn's with a large bruise. She quickly dismisses him. 

At the spring showcase, Ezra shows Wyatt his exhibit of different pictures of a tree outside of Wyatt's place for the months they were together. Veronica talks to Ben telling him that both he and Janie need to start believing in themselves. Ben goes looking for Janie and finds her around the corner in an empty hallway. She's staring at a photo sadly. She tells Ben that she feels like all her friends and talented and going places except her. Ben reminds Janie that without her, most of the good things in their friends' lives over the past few years wouldn't have happened, including the showcase. He likens it to the painting she's staring at being unadmired but integral to the exhibit as without the proper number of art projects, the faculty would not have allowed the event. Ben mistakenly reads the name of the picture as "The Leaves Fall Purple" instead of "The Leaves Fall" by Paul Pill. Janie laughs and the pair agree that if they ever need each other they will meet where "The Leaves Fall Purple."

Ben stops the podcast and reminiscing. He realizes that he's figured out the riddle. 

As the caller goes to continue the story, they receive another call. They hang up on True for You to find Veronica on the other line telling them not to go any further. The caller tells Veronica that they have questions. 

After the credits: Ben walks down the hall where the exhibit was held a year ago looking for the painting. He's started when he hears his name called by Janie. 

Episode 8
Copy of Episode 2 Out Now.png

Episode 9

Redacted Part 1

Written by Kimberly Billinton
Directed by Erin Hazlehurst and Kimberly Billinton

Trigger Warnings: scenes of sexual assault, domestic abuse, biphobia, and violence

Ben walks down the hall to find the painting "The Leaves Fall" by Paul Pill (Where the Leaves Fall Purple). He is startled when Janie calls out his name. Taken aback by seeing her after searching for so long he asks what happened to her. Janie tells him she doesn't have a lot of time but she "royally fucked up." She then begins to recount what happened from the moment Janie and Daniel arrived at Ezra's cabin. 

Janie and Daniel arrive at Ezra's cabin. Daniel is already in a bad mood. Janie makes a comment about this. Daniel grabs her arm hard, telling her he doesn't like her tone. They go into the cabin. Later, Daniel keeps getting text messages. Janie reminds him that no one is supposed to know that they are hiding up there. Daniel remarks that it's just Wyatt and leaves to talk to him on the phone outside. Daniel asks Wyatt what he wants and Wyatt tells Daniel he just wanted to check in after their argument at Ezra's party. Daniel makes a gay joke, making Wyatt uncomfortable, but Daniel downplays it. Daniel says he's not mad at Wyatt and him are Janie are fine but he can't explain why him and Janie are "missing" other than that it has to do with Ben. Janie calls Daniel back into the cabin and he ends the call. 

Janie and Daniel wash dishes after dinner, both in a bad mood. Janie mentions Ben and Daniel breaks a plate in anger. He grabs a bottle of wine and heads outside. Daniel ends up walking as he's on the phone with Wyatt. He explains to Wyatt everything about Ben's plan. Wyatt says he won't pick sides between him and Janie and Daniel turns it into an excuse to make a biphobic remark about Wyatt's sexuality ending his relationship with Ezra. In the same conversation, Daniel admits to Wyatt that he's cheating on Janie. Wyatt tells Daniel he's out of line, especially when Daniel adds that Janie isn't "smart" or "talented." Wyatt hangs up on Daniel. Daniel then heads back to the cabin.

In the cabin, Daniel goes to Janie and tells her to come to him. He makes sexual advances towards her which she tells him no and to stop. Daniel doesn't listen and keeps going. He rapes Janie. 

The next morning, Janie cries outside the cabin, overwhelmed from the events of the previous night. Daniel finds her outside and feigns ignorance, stating that he doesn't remember what he did and "apologizing". He gaslights Janie into thinking it was also her fault, leading to her saying she forgives him. 

Later that day, Janie changes the sheets on the bed. She notices Daniel has service on his phone while she doesn't. She unlocks the phone and notices that Daniel has photos of her taken without her consent from the previous night. Daniel enters, startling her. Daniel, intoxicated, takes his phone and leaves for a run. 

On Daniel's run he gets a call from Wyatt.  Wyatt tells Daniel that Daniel needs to tell Janie he's cheating on her because he can't stand by and let one of his friends do that to another friend. Daniel takes this badly and threatens to out Wyatt to his parents if Wyatt tells Janie. Wyatt tells Daniel that they are no longer friends and hangs up the call. Daniel thinks the whole situation is funny until he realizes that at some point Janie went through the secret photos on his phone. Daniel hurries back to the cabin enraged. 

Meanwhile, Janie tries to pack her things quickly, now wanting to leave. She tries to get a signal on her phone and is called by Ben. We get the other half of the phone call from episode two. Daniel barges in. He throws a bottle at Janie's head to get Janie to hang up the phone. Glass hits her face. She wants to call the police but Daniel refuses to let her.  He pins her against the wall and chokes her until she agrees to "calm down." Janie shoves Daniel off of her and grabs his phone. She runs into the bathroom but she can't type due to the blood. Daniel breaks down the door and Janie escapes out the window. Outside, Janie gets a signal and tries to call Wyatt, but thinking it's Daniel calling, he declines it. Wyatt texts Daniel back telling him to go to hell and that he deserves whatever is coming to him. 

Janie hides in a storage shed as Daniel draws nearer. He tries to manipulate and gaslight her into coming out but Janie stays hidden. Eventually she can't take the verbal abuse and snaps. Janie hits Daniel in the head with a piece of firewood multiple times, killing him. 

When Janie realizes what she's done, she calls Veronica on Daniel's phone in a panic. She tells Veronica she's killed Daniel and Veronica figures out that Janie can't call the police as it wasn't self defense. Veronica tells Janie to go back inside and wait until she gets there. Veronica calls Wyatt to come help her. He declines until he learns Janie is in trouble. 

Veronica and Wyatt reach the cabin. Wyatt doesn't believe Daniel could be dead. The pair find Janie dazed, in shock, and injured in the bathroom. Veronica asks Wyatt to grab something to stop her bleeding. Daniel grabs a sheet and Janie instantly tenses up saying she took it off the bed and she told Daniel no. Putting two and two together, Wyatt storms out of the cabin to find Daniel. Veronica rushes after him, trying to make him understand the severity of what Janie has confessed to but all he wants to do is confront Daniel. Wyatt and Veronica find Daniel's body and Wyatt realizes this is all too real. He wants to call the police but Veronica stops him. She asks Wyatt how far he is willing to go to help Janie. 

Veronica and Wyatt move Daniel's body into Daniel's truck. Janie exits the cabin having burnt the fire log that was the murder weapon. Veronica takes Daniel's truck and Wyatt drives Janie back to Veronica's in Veronica's car. At Veronica's, Wyatt and Veronica wonder what to do. Veronica tells Wyatt to go to Janie's and get some stuff for her. She also instructs Wyatt to go home and get changed out of his bloody clothing. Janie's sobs grow louder from the nearby bathroom shower. Wyatt leaves and Veronica gets in the shower with Janie (fully clothed) to comfort her and tell her that what Daniel did to her wasn't her fault. 

Wyatt goes to his apartment and finds he has a voicemail from Skylar asking to bring her bag back to her. Wyatt stumbles over it, spilling the contents. He finds Daniel's jacket with the lipstick on the collar. He has a breakdown. 

Wyatt returns to Veronica's and Veronica comments that he's been crying. Wyatt tells her that he's fine and both pretend they are alright. Veronica tells Wyatt that they can get away with this because worse people get away all the time. Wyatt asks if they are bad people and Veronica tells Wyatt to go to bed. She stays up to devise a plan. 

Janie has a nightmare about Daniel and wakes up panicked with Wyatt beside her. Veronica rushes into the room. Janie is disoriented and doesn't even remember getting to Veronica's. With some prompting, the memories of the previous night suddenly come rushing back to her and she breaks down realizing she killed Daniel. Veronica confirms that she did but reassures Janie that it's okay because she has a plan. 

In the same style as Ben in episode two, Veronica tells Janie and Wyatt her plan and Wyatt immediately tries to shut it down. Veronica wants Wyatt and Janie to break into Ben and Ezra's and create a distraction while her and Ben go to the cabin and then to the police. Janie has a panic attack as she realizes this means that Ben doesn't get his podcast success and she has to disappear for good. Wyatt tries to calm her down and take her for air. Veronica cautions him that they don't have a lot of time. Wyatt reassures her that he'll carry out the plan. When they go, Veronica calls Ezra and asks to meet so she can get directions up to his cabin. 

Janie, speaking to Ben in the hallway tells him that her and Wyatt set off to do the plan but "even the best laid plans go to shit." 

Post-credits scene: Marty and Andrea wait for the caller to call them on True for You but the caller never does. 

Episode 9

Episode 10

Redacted Part 2

Written by Kimberly Billinton
Directed by Erin Hazlehurst and Kimberly Billinton

Copy of Copy of Episode 2 Out Now.png

Janie continues the story of what happened after Daniel was killed at the cabin:

Janie and Wyatt drive to Ben and Ezra's apartment. On the way, Wyatt gives Janie the photo of her and Ben from her bedroom. Janie decides she can't just leave Ben forever without saying goodbye. Wyatt agrees to help her with whatever her plan may be. At the apartment, Janie uploads the first episode of the podcast as Wyatt helps make it look like someone broke in. She also takes the camera she had given to Ezra that was from her dad (episode 8) and leaves the picture of her and Ben for Ben to find (episode 3)

At the cabin, Janie paints Where the Leaves Fall Purple on the wall. Wyatt asks what it means but Janie says it needs to stay between her and Ben. Janie asks Wyatt for Daniel's phone only to discover he accidentally left it at Ben and Ezra's apartment. The two panic as they race back down the mountain, leaving before Ben and Veronica are supposed to arrive. Ezra phones Wyatt while in the car (episode 3) and Wyatt tells Ezra he's with Skylar to shut down any further questions. Wyatt feels guilty about it but it leads to an idea. 

Veronica yells at Wyatt and Janie about changing the plan. Janie and Wyatt bring forward a new idea: they want to get rid of Daniel's body. They'll put it in the park and Wyatt will come across Daniel so no one else has to. Veronica eventually reluctantly agrees. When everyone else leaves the house, Janie goes to the garage to take her power back from Daniel as she tells his lifeless body that he can no longer hurt her. 

Janie calls Veronica from the payphone to tell her it's time to move the body. They meet in Hawkes Park, putting the plan in motion. They hear Ben in the distance (episode 4). Janie grabs the camera out of her bag and takes a photo in an attempt to scare Ben off. This doesn't work. Ben calls Veronica who agrees to help. She sends Janie off and pretends she is on her way. 

Meanwhile, Ezra sits in Wyatt's car after discovering the jacket (episode 5). He leaves in a rush. Wyatt panics and goes to see Janie. Wyatt and Janie share a moment of fear and sorrow between each other as Janie pleads with Wyatt to help her fix things and Wyatt tells her they can't. They embrace as they both agree they aren't ready to let go. Veronica comes home later and her and Janie talk. Veronica reveals she has a brother of her own who is in jail for a murder that he shouldn't have gone down for.  She says she now understands why Janie wants to see Ben one last time and agrees to help.

After the events at the end of episode 5, Ezra and Wyatt talk. Wyatt tells Ezra everything that happened. Ezra agrees to help. He also mistakes Wyatt's opening up as something more and kisses him. Wyatt pulls away saying he just needs a friend right now. When Wyatt sneaks out later that night, he sees Ben putting together his murder board. Wyatt notices his photo right in the center and gets scared. 

When Veronica leaves, after their encounter when Wyatt sneaks into Veronica's place (episode 6), Wyatt tells Janie about Ben's murder board and about Ben having access to Daniel's phone. Janie worries that Ben has seen the photos of her but Wyatt tries to (unsuccessfully) cheer her up by joking how it would make Ben's day. Janie goes to take a bath and Wyatt decides to go for a nap. He finds the box of photos Veronica was sent of Janie's. He confronts Veronica after (episode 6) leading to Veronica realizing Skylar sent the photos. Janie enters wondering what's going on. Neither of her friends will tell her with Veronica asking "are you going to tell us what Where the Leaves Fall Purple means? Yeah, didn't think so."

Janie meets up with Ezra and they dispose of Daniel's truck (episode 6). Later, Ezra and Janie drive and talk. Ezra agrees to get rid of Janie and Daniel's phones. He also says he'll get Janie a burner phone. Ezra's parents call after hearing about their cabin being searched from Inspector Hayes. Ezra's parents make him agree to meet with a lawyer: Jasper Princeton. Ezra agrees. Jasper tells Ezra that if all ends up going south they can blame it on Ben, much to Ezra's discomfort. 

Wyatt writers his speech about Daniel for the vigil (episode 7). He vents to Janie about it. She gives him the idea of saying nothing and everything by talking about how others may have viewed Daniel. Wyatt tells Janie it's as much of her speech as his. She tells him to tell it to the world for both of them. 

Veronica comes back home after the vigil. She tells Janie she thinks Ben is about to figure out what Where the Leaves Fall Purple means (episode 8). Janie tells Veronica to pick her up in the third floor arts corridor in a few hours. 

Janie meets up with Ben in the hallway. We hear the "hi Ben" moment one more time before skipping ahead to after the story has been told. Janie tells Ben that's the whole story. She asks him to "say something." The episode ends. 

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