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Beautiful Happy Productions Presents

Where the Leaves Fall Purple


Latest Episode

Episode 10: Redacted (Part 2)

Ben learns firsthand what happened after the night Janie and Daniel went missing from an unexpected source, leading to bigger betrayals than he could have expected.

   The Show

Ben Miller has a problem. He’s in his final year of university with nothing to show for it. His true crime podcast only has a handful of listeners and he’s starting to lose hope. His only true supporter is his best friend (and not-so secret crush) Janie, a drama student with aspirations of becoming an actress.

When Ben’s gets it into his head that he needs an exclusive story to boost listenership, Ben asks Janie if she will become a “missing person” so he can document finding her on the podcast. Little does Ben know, his one act of deception will set off a dangerous chain reaction and spin a story that Ben isn’t sure he’s ready to tell.

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"Nothing ever happens in Dodgewood."

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Creators and Crew

Kimberly Billinton Headshot.jpeg

Kimberly Billinton

Showrunner, Creator, Writer, Director


Jamela Joie De Jesus

Executive Producer

Aftertouch Audio

Tyler Gilles

Audio Engineer

Beautiful Happy Productions

Production Company

UCBP ACTRA Ultra Low Budget Program


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